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The KC Academy was born in 2021 out of the lived experience of Kadeena Cox. As an athlete Kadeena developed her athletic prowess in track & field before transitioning into cycling, where the comparable lack of diversity at the elite end of the sport was undeniable. As the only Black British cyclist to ever win a gold medal at the Olympic or Paralympic Games and as the only one, at the time of founding the KC Academy, on podium level funding for track or road cycling from the UK Sport it was clear to Kadeena that more needed to be done.


Kadeena was assured by her own success in the sport that the lack of diversity was not due to a lack of talent or ability but by a lack of inspiration, opportunity and support. The KC Academy has set about delivering solutions for all 3 of those barriers by providing inspiring content and oppurtunities for current and future riders looking to enter and progress in the sport and by offering vital funding, mentoring and support to highly talented individuals looking to develop along the sports pathway.


The KC Academy is building into its second year, is currently supporting six, highly talented athletes and is always happy to hear from athletes, individuals and brands looking to get involved with the program. If you are an athlete looking to join the team there are some exciting oppurtunities ahead, please follow the link below.


Thanks for your interest and support!

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